Report says Texas border wall has troubling construction defects

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2020 | Commercial Litigation

Texas construction companies base their business on completing their projects without allegations that their work is substandard and unsafe. This is true when it is a public or private contract. For those who are awarded large projects, it can be a financial boon in myriad ways if it is completed successfully. A satisfied customer creates positive word of mouth. Still, there are often disputes over many aspects of a project including zoning and land use, allegations of defective work, problems with contracts and more. Being protected by a firm that understands the challenges construction companies face is imperative.

Ongoing construction lawsuit now includes worrisome engineering report about project

The border wall in Texas has been a hot button issue for several years. A privately built wall has been the subject of a lawsuit from the National Butterfly Center amid concerns about how the project will impact the environment. Now, there are allegations that the project itself and its quality are in question. An engineering report says that the wall could be dangerous and might erode if there is a flood.

The location where it is being built and the foundation are cited as problems. Engineers say that this type of project should be away from water and be constructed on levees. Since this wall in on the banks of the Rio Grande, the possible danger is being added to the lawsuit to put a stop to it until it can be adequately gauged for its safety and the environmental damage it may cause.

Construction companies should be prepared for every eventuality

For construction companies large and small, being awarded a major contract is expected to be a time of excitement about the future. When there are disputes over any aspect of the project, companies must remember the importance of being legally protected. Complaints can arise before, during and after the project has been completed. This case is an example of the variety of challenges that can arise as part of a major construction project, but any situation can result in disagreement and litigation. To negotiate or to defend against a legal filing, consulting with experienced legal professionals who understand business and construction litigation is critical.