Why should businesses register their trademarks?

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2021 | Trademark & Copyright

Trademarks are important to businesses that wish to distinguish themselves from their competitors. In cutthroat markets, trademarks may be the saving identifiers that help businesses rise above others for brand recognition. A trademark is a word, symbol, or other identifier that helps consumers understand who made the good they are interested in acquiring.

When a Dallas business opens its doors, it may be concerned about immediate issues like covering costs and hiring employees. It should also, though, concern itself with the registration of its trademark. This post will briefly discuss trademark registration and why it is important to successful business entities.

Getting a trademark registered with the federal government

Getting a trademark registered involves an application-based process. A business must come up with a unique trademark and apply to have it recognized by the government. The trademark may not match that of other businesses, and applicants should perform trademark searches to ensure their intended trademarks are free and available for registration.

Once a trademark application is submitted a business must wait to find out if it has been approved. Then, if the trademark is approved, the business must maintain its right to use the trademark into the future. An intellectual property attorney can help with these and other trademark-related issues.

Enforcement of trademark infringement

If a trademark is not registered, it may not be protected under the law from use and infringement by others. Registered trademarks may provide businesses with enforceable rights to protect them from unauthorized use.

When a trademark is infringed upon, a harmed business may seek financial and injunctive remedies. They may seek to have their losses recouped and for the offending entity to stop using their mark. When trademark infringement impacts a Texas business, it can turn to trusted legal representation from intellectual property and business law attorneys.