Guitar manufacturers IP dispute allowed to continue

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2021 | Trademark & Copyright

A tense trademark dispute between two guitar manufacturers will be allowed to continue.

Gibson, the legendary guitar company based in Nashville, sued the Florida-based manufacturer Armadillo for trademark infringement.

The suit, filed in the Eastern District of Texas, claims that Armadillo is imitating the trademarked designs of certain Gibson guitars and misleading customers.

According to the complaint, Gibson is seeking $2 million for each violation. Additionally, they’re requesting an order enjoining Armadillo from further infringement and an order granting Gibson possession of all infringing guitars for destruction.

Armadillo disputes the claims, stating the plaintiff is only attempting to interfere with a competitor’s business.

Recently, Gibson moved for summary judgement, but its motion was denied by the court.

“The court is not convinced that Gibson met its burden demonstrating that there is no material issue of fact as to these claims entitling it to judgment as a matter of law,” Judge Mazzant, the presiding judge, held.

Protecting your ideas and your business

Bringing an innovative product or idea to life requires significant work, capital, and trial and error. This is what makes trademark infringement so destructive; not only does it interfere with your right to make a profit, it stifles innovation at a societal level.

Thankfully, owners of intellectual property have rights under Texas law. If another party is piggybacking of their idea, they can take legal action. A successful lawsuit can put a stop to the infringement and may even result in monetary damages.

Hiring an experienced IP lawyer is the first step in making sure your property is protected. They have the skills and expertise to ensure the products and ideas you’ve worked so hard to develop have the protection they deserve, from the initial filing to litigation.