Using Creative Commons licenses to promote a small business

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2021 | Business Formation

A small business owner in Texas often lacks the funds to build a large website from the bottom up. Owners take advantage of free stock photography to add interesting images to their ads and websites. But no one can use another artist’s work without permission. The use of the Creative Commons license is crucial to the success of many small businesses.

How public copyrights are important

A Creative Commons (CC) license is a public copyright license that grants permission to anyone who wants to own or distribute a creative or informative copyrighted work. A CC license allows other people to use, distribute and further develop a work that has been created by another writer or artist.

The importance of licensing

Small businesses use photographs and images all the time on their websites, brochures, catalogs, and product packages. There are millions of images available online, but some images are copyrighted and cannot be copied to include in your marketing plan. Based on IP law, if the work does not have the right license, you could be stealing and face a lawsuit.

When looking for images online or in print, a business owner has to look for a Creative Commons license. It’s the ideal solution for an owner that doesn’t want to spend a fortune on collecting creative images and wants to boost the visual aspect of their marketing campaign.

Become familiar with copyright licenses

Visualizing a small business seems easy with the large variety of imagery available online. But there are certain procedures that every marketer must go through when obtaining any type of product or service. Most images are copyrighted, and understanding the different types of copyrights is important.