Experienced Representation In Franchise Contracts And Litigation

The beauty of the franchisor-franchisee relationship is that it is mutually beneficial. Both parties work and cooperate in order to develop their brand and business. The Fein Law Firm has over 35 years of experience helping both franchisors and franchisees prepare disclosure documents, negotiate agreements, renewals and assignments to ensure both parties understand their rights and obligations and agreed-upon remedies.

The Firm To Turn To When Things Turn Sour

Sometimes disputes cannot be resolved through simple negotiation. Other times protracted disagreements cause a drain on time and finances and need a final and enforceable resolution. When this happens, The Fein Law Firm can help. We understand the steps to take to ensure the dispute comes to a successful and binding resolution.

Helping To Grow Your Brand

The right foundation and business plan can ensure a healthy market and growth. At The Fein Law Firm, we can assist you in franchise mergers and acquisitions by franchisees of other companies. Whether you are a startup, existing local, national or international franchise operator or looking to become a part of a franchise operation, we have the experience, skill and track record to protect your assets and interests.

Focused Guidance For Master Franchisees

For master franchisees, The Fein Law Firm will assist in agreements, contracts, day-to-day business issues and negotiations with its franchisor for the master rights. We also advise and guide franchisors with a variety of unit franchise agreements with its franchisees.

Get the sound council your business needs not only to survive but thrive. Call 214-522-9596 or email us at The Fein Law Firm. We look forward to helping you.